May 29, 2013

Do You Need a Wellness Makeover?? Read This!

Hi All! I have been absent from my blog for quite a while! Well, that has been with good reason... I have been diligently working on updating and improving my Lifestyle/Wellness Coaching company and I am ready to re launch!

I have added a new service to my business that I think some of you all may be interested in! 

Here's why:  Many of you have recently had a baby/babies, or maybe it's been a while, but you are still struggling with finding balance and getting back to where you want to be with your weight and your wellness. Maybe you have had a baby and you are just not feeling well, you may feel sluggish, bloated, tired, stomach achey. This is where I was a year ago, tired, overwhelmed and feeling like crap. I began searching for what I could do to help me feel better and I stumbled upon eating a Paleo Diet. I toyed with it for about six months in the beginning, but had a hard time making the full switch, I needed to work on the emotional side of my issues in addition to making a diet and lifestyle overhaul. You can read my full story here. So, I  sort of "coached" myself through my emotional issues with food and my body and finally I made the full commitment to the Paleo Lifestyle in January 2013. It has! I have energy, I can work out better, I am in a significantly better mood, I have less ups and downs with my mood, my bloating is gone, my skin is bright and best of all, I have lost 15 lbs pretty much effortlessly. Because of my experience with it and the success I have had, and because I 100% believe in this lifestyle for balance and wellbeing and overall health,I added Paleo Lifestyle Coaching to my coaching services. I want to help others discover the key to eliminating the added stress surrounding food and how it makes you feel.

If you can relate to any of the above mentioned, and are ready for a lasting change, then head over to Megan Githens Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching now! I will coach you towards your Healthy Diet, Healthy Lifestyle and Healthy Balance. This will be a life changing experience that you will not regret. I promise!

I am offering a 20% discount on the 4 week package for the first 10 people that schedule and pre pay for services. If you have a blog and agree to blog and social media promote about your experience, you will receive an extra 10% off! Think of it as a small investment in your 30 day mind and body makeover.

Don't wait a minute longer, get the balance you need and the body you want. Finally find a place where you are comfortable emotionally and physically for the rest of your life. No more stressing about food and calories and feeling like crap. You will be glad you did!

And that is the end of my shameless plug for my business. I have no shame because I believe in it and you will too once you see the difference in yourself...